Saturday, January 12, 2013

Honoring Tragedy and Compassion

January 12, 2013 

Three years ago today devastation hit Haiti in the form of an 7.0 earthquake that shook the very foundation of the country.  Well over 250,000 people were killed, tens of thousands more were injured, and the survivors were left with the traumatic impact of the disaster.

Three years ago today the world came together in response.  It is estimated that half of all American households donated money to the relief efforts.   Over 40 countries responded with disaster relief assistance.
Stop for a moment to think about that: More people gave to the Haitian relief efforts than voted in the 2012 Presidential election.  More countries responded to the relief efforts than any other disaster. 

And so out of the devastation came compassion and hope.

You might want to ask if those millions of people who gave money three years ago are still thinking of the people in Haiti today on the 3-year anniversary of the tragedy. You might want ask what has been done with all of the money donated and efforts by so many countries.

Me, today I don't care much about those things.

I care most that there was a monumental historic disaster and millions of people responded from around the globe. I care that the world opened its heart to Haiti and offered what they could.   When the world shows compassion writ large, it is something to honored and acknowledged.

Today was not a time to ask questions about what happened to the money or what is being done in Haiti right now.  Today was a day to honor those that died, those that survived and those who responded. Today, 3 years later let's honor the pain and the caring love that poured in from all around the world.

Yes the earthquake is what drew me to come here in 2010. I came to bear witness to something that I couldn't comprehend just by reading the news. But me being here On Purpose is not about relief, or serving less fortunate.

Me being here On Purpose is about honoring the strength and resilience of the Haitian people and offering interested people opportunities for health and wellness.

Our Project Zen yoga studio was open today and I taught a yoga class today at Noon. We offered our practice to honor the fallen and the survivors and to compassion and hope.

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