Friday, March 1, 2013

Everywhere I go, there I am.

Still On Purpose in Haiti and truly loving it deeply and completely.  My 'enough is simply enough' mantra has been powerful and has led to deep self-healing and acceptance over the past month.

A visit from my lovely friend Jolie took the experience to a new level of enjoyment and also served as an important reminder about the powerful experience I am enjoying here.

I recently realized that I've been 'at home in Haiti' for the past two months, and have decided I will call consciously call this 'home' for now.  Haiti is my new home. I love that way it sounds.

I don't know how long 'now' is exactly, at least 6 months, probably a year, maybe the rest of my life- who knows!?

I only know that my life is moving forward with joy and love. Everyday I am dancing at the edges of my comfort zone, singing the song that lives in my soul, teaching yoga, sharing joy and positive energy, going with the flow.

Today begins my birthday month. Just about 43 years ago I was born to a single mom living in New York City.  I don't think she planned to have me, but I am 100% certain she is glad I joined her in this journey we call life as human beings.  My mom and I went through a lot together growing up.  She was so young when she had me, in many ways we grew up together.

One of the most important lessons I learned from growing up with my momma is that wherever we lived we could call it home.

Over the first 15 years of my life we moved well over 15 times and while it was definitely challenging, it mostly served me well.  The pattern of moving has continued into my adult life.  I got to meet new people, see new places, and discover new parts of what it meant to be me. I became an expert at assessing situations and understanding what people wanted and needed in their lives.

One of my dear friends once told me how she admires my ability to drop in anywhere, in any situation, with any type of people and feel comfortable and at home. What a blessing.  As far as superpowers go- this is a pretty cool one to have to move through life.

Some may look at my life of relatively constant moving of locations and shifting of circumstances and wonder what I am running from.  I may have asked myself that once or twice over the years....but this year after yet another big move and shift, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have this ability.

Someday, I may land in a space or place that calls me to stay for long time.  But so far it hasn't and for right now it doesn't matter.

Everywhere I go, there I am.

So no, I did not run away from anything when I moved from DC to Haiti. I am simply flowing in the rhythm of my life with a finely honed skill and expertise at being at home anywhere I go. What a joy. My new home is Haiti.