Tuesday, November 20, 2012

setting off on a journey of exploration

This trip to Haiti is so much different than the last one, and it is so much the same.
...last time I went for 6 days, this time I am going for 3 weeks.  
...last time the country had recently been shaken up by a catastrophic earthquake, this time they have recently been doused by the edges of a hurricane. 
...last time cholera had just broken into an epidemic, and the first elections were being held.  This time cholera is somewhat under control and the current government has been in rule for 2 years. 
...last time I went to simply bear witness, and this time bearing witness is only one part of my plan. I have a longer time and more opportunity to explore. 
Over the next three weeks I plan to explore Haiti, her people, and her story.  I also plan to explore myself and my own journey.  I plan to be in Haiti On Purpose.

On Purpose to me means starting everyday with the Ashtanga primary series and a morning mindfulness meditation.  On Purpose means that I will honor the beauty of each moment and each individual I encounter. Doing my best to experience each moment and individual for what it is and who they are, rather than what I think it or they should be. I'll be volunteering with Global Therapy Project, Haiti-Communitiere and Off the Mat Into the World.

I look forward to sharing my reflections of this journey with you.

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